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Runningland will give you "accuracy"
 In June, Runningland participated in a grease testing cross-check program for Shell’s suppliers. The test items includes cone penetration, drop point, four-ball, roll stability, etc. As a result, the comparison results shows that Runningland has high standards and quality control for test data.

Since the beginning of 2020, Runningland has participated in a number of CNAS capability verification programs. Throughout the program, Runningland has always maintained a high quality standards and analysis towards each test result. By participating in this quality control program, high quality data and high accuracy reflects a lab’s professionalism and dedication to efficiency.

The accuracy of the data may not be particularly emphasized in oil condition monitoring, but Runningland believes that accurate data can help to identify problems more timely and quickly, and to understand the operation status of the equipment. As an independent third-party laboratory, accurate data reflects the quality of oil products all the time. Runningland is not selling data products, but providing accurate and assured data to every customer.