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Item Routine Capillary Viscometer 
Standard JJG 155-1991 Verification Regulation of Routine Capillary Viscometer 
Introduction The principle of gravity capillary viscometer is to measure the time for a liquid with given volume to flow through the capillary under the gravity via relative evaluation method. And kinematic viscosity can be calculated with this value. (Method I: To verify it with standard viscosity liquid. Method II: Direct comparison test.) 
Period Two Years 
Range (1~1×100000) cst 
Item Rotational Viscometers 
Standard JJG 1002-2005 Verification Regulation of Rotational Viscometers 
Introduction To verify (calibrate) viscometers with relative evaluation method, ie, to determine the viscometer constant with reference liquid (Newtonian liquid) of the viscosity which has been known or to verify (calibrate) the viscometer by comparing the viscosity value of the standard viscosity liquid measured by the viscometer to be calibrated, with the reference viscosity value. 
Period Two Years 
Range (1~1×100000) mPa·s