About us

Since 2009,Runningland Metrology & Testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.was found on the principles of being“fair, scientific, accurate and efficient” and strives to become a first-class third-party petrochemical oil testing, machinery fluid analysis,and equipment condition monitoring laboratory. After ten yearsof operation, Runninglandcurrently hastwomajorlaboratoriesin which specializes ininstrument calibration, oil analysis, productstesting. The laboratories isequipped with 241 instrumentssupplied from internationally recognized manufacturers.Our labortory staff areprofessional technicians.The laboratory regularly participates inRound Robins,proficiency testing activities organized by domestic andinternationalorganizations,in whichtestresults are consistent with theAmerican Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The management system of Runningland Metrology Testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. complies with ISO/IEC 17025 "General Requirements for Laboratory Testing and Calibration Capabilities" and has obtained CNAS Calibration and Testing Laboratory Approval Certificate (CNAS NO.L5287).Runningland is a registered member of STLE, SAE, ASTM andis the representativeTesting Center of WearCheck International in China.

Your exclusive third-partylaboratory

As an accredited independent third-party laboratory, Runningland guarantees the authenticity, reliability, fairness and objectivity of each customer. The data and information for our clients is strictly confidential and provides efficient and flexible testing solutions.

All-weather and Anywhere

Runningland also provides custom on-site inspection and testing services. Our mobile inspection vehicles are equipped with professional oil analysis equipment. Ourtechnical personnel canalsotestmachinery fluidsin the field;provide wear trend analysis, the oil’s health,anddetermine lubricant change intervals.By reaching clients onsite, our lab technicians can quickly find the best implementation methods and maintenance strategies for troubleshooting.

Efficient, Flexible, Fair, Accurate

In addition to providing a large number of lubricant testing services,Runninglandis also equipped with a complete grease testing program for you to choose from. In addition to conventional cone penetration, dropping point and othertestitems, it also provides a large number of long-term, technically demanding test items such as oxidation stability, pressure separation oil and iron spectrum analysis.

Runningland can help the oil research and development labs complete a series of more complex project testing, while providing data comparison and data certification services. The rapid testing service of Runningland laboratory can be completed within 24 hours turnaround time, while saving a lot of time for oil product development and subsequent production, cost savings for oil research and development laboratories. At present, Runningland has established more than 100 methods in the detection of lubricating oil and grease in order to provide customers with the most comprehensive service.

Keep your equipment healthy

The testingof in-service oil has become an indispensable part of the maintenance of industrial equipment,in whichregular in-service oil testing can timely follow the use of lubricants, provide predictive maintenance indicators,and reduction ofmaintenance costs.Using Runningland’s web and online tools, you can select the appropriate analytical project according to your needs.Atechnical consultant will also provide you with professional monitoring advice andanoperation status to avoid seriousfinanciallosses caused by downtime. At present,Runninglandhas been designatedas atesting laboratory for more than ten OEM manufacturers.

Save yourmaintenancecosts

In order to solve the problem ofpro-longing machine components andbearing life,Runninglandlaboratory cooperates with expertsworldwideto provide new solutions and new ideas for the detection ofin-servicegrease.Runninglanduses MRG equipmentto detectimpurities, infrared, evaporation and other testing items to provide data support for grease life, replacement and other issues, extending thelife expectancyof large equipment bearingsandthereby reducingcosts.